I believe we have the solutions for every challenge we face in this world, we need a strong will to apply them alongside with a strong commitment to a prevention approach.  Prevention Is Better Than Cure.

I also believe that for solutions to be applied effectively, we need a strong engagement from members of civil society who take ownership of them. How do we get there? By fostering civic engagement through a representation that reflects the diversity of our society. Fair and Equal representation for civic engagement. Breaking cycles, Representation, Empowerment, and Participation.

I am a determined to look at what is best for the community, proudly representing Rideau-Rockcliffe as part of a greater community, the City of Ottawa. I intend for my presence on the council to have a positive impact on a larger scale. Woman of Action, I Walk the Talk using the Power of Positive Politics.

What We Can Achieve Together

Mixed Income Housing

Youth Engagement Through Entrepreneurship