New Immigrants integration

2016 census found more immigrants are settling in the capital region than ever before, making up about one-fifth of the capital region’s population.

About 37,890 new immigrants arrived in the Ottawa-Gatineau region between 2011 and 2016, bringing the region’s total immigrant population to nearly 255,800.

The project consists in preparing a guide for newcomers arriving at main Ottawa ports of entry (airport, train station, bus terminal) providing them with necessary information for their first steps in the National Capital of Canada. The paper version of the guide will be a summarized document with a reference to more detailed information on a webpage located on the City Hall website. The guide will have information related to housing, food stores/markets/restaurants, education, banking, recreational points, transportation, so on and so forth. The difference with the Government of Canada (IRCC) Welcome to Canada guide will be the focus on Ottawa-related services and facilities whereas the former has a more national-oriented format. The Census metropolitan area of Ottawa-Gatineau has the sixth largest immigrant population of the country and, as such, we should pave the way for the success of integration of those future Canadians.