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Oriana Ngabirano is a passionate Ottawa-Vanier resident, a graduate of the University of Montréal in Communications and Politics, and a community leader who believes a stronger Canada is possible. As a candidate and in her personal life, Oriana is focused on empowering community members of all backgrounds to come together to cultivate economic growth, improved social conditions and more sustainable processes that honour our natural world.

The party’s values are intrinsically connected with her own; namely, building sustainable, creative and socially-minded communities that strengthen our country. Oriana believes that when community members see the difference their choices make as individuals, the collective impact they can have is unstoppable. Oriana is prepared to be a creative leader, motivating individuals and families to take action together, so that all Canadians can thrive.

E-mail: voteoriana@greenparty.ca

Phone: 343-297-4262

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Green Party of Canada

MP Candidate Pledge

I pledge to conduct myself with integrity and treat others with respect;


I pledge, if elected, to publish all my expenses on my website;

I pledge to conduct myself with civility, to never heckle in the House;

I pledge to work tirelessly for my constituents; to keep their interests and the well-being of Canada and the planet, paramount;

I pledge to make the voters in Ottawa—Vanier proud.

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Canadians in this election, more than ever, can vote from hope and from conviction, not from fear.

Our Mission

Our mission is to rescue grassroots democracy from the political spin that makes voters recoil.

Our Vision

Our goal is to make sure the planet and our communities survive and thrive.

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